Friday, October 29, 2004

Firefox nears final launch and a venurability in the current releases

A final test version of open-source browser Firefox has been released, giving users a peek at what are expected to be the official features of the free software.

The latest test version of Firefox 1.0 fixes about 250 bugs that have been reported since the preview release of the browser earlier this year, according to the Mozilla Foundation.

"If all goes well testing these builds, then we're on target for our 1.0 release in early November," Asa Dotzler, the Mozilla Foundation's community quality advocate, wrote in a Web log posting Wednesday.

The group is making the final test release of Firefox 1.0 available via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

The organization also is calling on supporters to chip in on a full-page advertisement in the New York Times scheduled to coincide with the Nov. 9 launch of the browser.

As Internet Explorer has taken increasing heat for security woes, Firefox has gained in both stature and numbers. Version 0.8 of the browser was downloaded 3.3 million times within four months. Version 0.9 reached 6.5 million downloads in three months, and the preview release received 5 million download requests in just a month

BUG in the earlier versions including Mozilla Firefox 0.10.1

Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, and Mozilla Thunderbird are all reported susceptible to an information disclosure vulnerability. This issue is due to a failure of the applications to properly ensure secure file permissions on temporary files located in world-accessible locations.

This vulnerability allows local attackers to gain access to the contents of potentially sensitive files. This may aid them in further attacks.

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What ever it is but the browser is making its way into the PC's.

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