Monday, November 29, 2004

This is what happens when put a machine open in the internet

Hey All ,

Just before i hit the sacks on a Sunday night aaha lemme call it MOnday morning , this is what i founf when i put a machine open on the internet which no DNS entry and ping blocked to the IP.

Luckily i have snort IDS running on the machine and the stats amaze me whenever i get back to them , believe me thats what i can say.

Now for testing purposes i am planning to set up honey pot and see if it really works out even if i am able to catch a amatuer it will be a big step for me in my work.

You can see more pics below.

Just to save on space i have converted the pic into gif format having a little take on the resolution but i guess thats fine.

Click on the image thumbnail below to view a enlarged image or click here.

SNort IDS Latest Stats ;)



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