Monday, July 04, 2005

Penetration Testing Tools

I have been doing a lot of reading on penetration testing on Wireless networks and cracking WEP.

I have found one of the best toolkits/Knoppix cd is Whoppix. It has everything you need to perform basic and some advanced penetration testing on a network. Their site also has some pretty interesting videos, for example how to crack WEP in under ten minutes.

The other good one to be named here is Knoppix STD.

The link to their websites is as below :

Whoppix :
Knoppix STD :

Last but not the least whoppix has exploit archive from Securityfocus , Packetstorm , SecurityForest , Milw0rm.

Remember if you wanna test your own networks with these tools it good , if you wanna test some other network pls get a approval from that organisation else you would be putting your foot in your mouth.

Nitin :)


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