Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tweaking the DNS to suit your MTA requirements

Hi everyone and Good Morning to the ppl living on this part of the world.

COuld not post yesterday been a lot busssyyyy.

A lot off people ask me whether i have set up sendmail , qmail , Cyrus IMAPD, but no one has got an answer to the question that after i set up any of the following services how would the world or say any other mta in the world know that i have a mail server sitting at IP a.b.c.d to aceept mails for my domain say mydomain.com.

This is done through the use of MX records in the zone file of your public DNS server.

Another qusetion is if my mail server is down how would i receive mails . Can i specify a back for it.

The answer is yes you can do that by giving priorities in the MX records.

Last but not the least if i have no MX records in my files would the mails still reach me.

YES in most MTA's if they do not find a MX record they will assume that the IP for the domain is same as the mail server IP.

Will soon be posting snippets from the mydomain.zone file as to how to put entries for the MX records.

Till then happy and smart and cool working ;)

Nitin :)


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