Sunday, December 05, 2004

UK's finger print was offline

A lill stale news but just came across it and thought it was worth mentioning.

If you were a member of law enforcement in the UK recently and you wanted to verify a suspect's paw prints, you were out of luck. The entire finger print system was offline!
The article explains:

All 43 forces in England and Wales, including London's Metropolitan Police, were
affected by a software bug, which disrupted connections to the National
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (Nafis) since the early hours of
Wednesday, 24 November.
Now imagine if you will all of the electronic
services that we take for granted now in law enforcement. What if they all went
offline all at once?
Yet another good argument to make sure you have
adequate secondary systems and an incident recovery plan.
Have you recently
had a critical system or service fail? What was it, and how did you handle it?
What were the effects?



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