Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hey to All from a to be Engineer

Hey Friends ,

Dunn be shocked this is the same Nitin and i finished my Engineering 2 yrs back, my cousin Abhinav Sethi from Pune (BVPCoe) Bharti VidyaPeeth College of Engineering has come over for the weekend and was telling me all his final year escapades. It was fun to hear his escapades as i did a lot more during my engineering days.

So just struck me to ask him to put it in his own words and he jumped on the idea . Hes scribbled something which i am posting below :

Hey friends (uuh..... engineers)
This is Abhinav Sethi, doing my final year of my engineering from Pune the place to be for students.....and as all Engineers ,well I myself (along with many people are) surprised how I am about to completed it in 4 yrs.....
For me engineering has always been fun not for studies and technical stuff
But just to hang out with friends...Who is to blame ...I guess thats the whole system except US :D (Thats the way Engineers put it).
We never have hard time fooling our project guide because she doesnt t know anything.
Whenever she asks for details and designed components, we have the perfect answer......
The company doesnt t allow us to release the notes to college...Anyways things have changed since I have come in final year. Most of us have been placed. Its been a record placements this time in our college. Ihave realized engineers are in demand in every field .May be because we can manage anything in life. I hope u know what I mean., studying for a night and just going for exams, preparing seminars in 2 days.....and story goes on. I have afriend with decent academics and topping all the aptitude tests with great communication skills but not being placed...not sure what companies are looking for. Now really not sure, what to do....No problems I am an engineer I can bear anything in life. So whenever I get down in life I think I am an engineer and just move on. I can safely say its a privilege to be an ENGINEER .Thankfully I have been placed now, againsome people cannot believe it. Now when its gonna end I am sure Ill have good memories of it. Now looking forward to next part of my life. But I am sure all you engineers cannot forget the college days, speciallythe submission ones where one would not sleep for 3 days in a row and even then journals would be thrown to your face. I think I still love it.
The next phase ,hopefully ,will be totally different...needs to be done with more responsibility and dedication, So I think I am totally prepared for linux and servers to be better part of my life than gals. wow its gonna be a goofy journey. WellI wish best of luck to everyone starting their professional life..

This would make a diff only to engineers and pls mail me on what you think and do we all feel the same after leaving college and full time into our professional lives.



At 1/22/2006 01:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi...please give me some contact information of mr. abhinav sethi. his mobile no. or mail id.


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