Saturday, January 15, 2005

RAM with an LED ticker

Corsair has shipped a RAM stick with a mini-LED pixelboard built into it. It's intended to show the temperature of the RAM, but you can also customize it to display your own messages in a continuous scrolling ticker that splashes unread messages in red light on the inside of your case.

Corsair FilterBetter yet, you can use Corsair's Memory Dashboard to program the memory to display your own personalized greeting (or obnoxious salute). Type in a message, you can have three messages of up to 23 characters each, click a button, and your message gets sent to some spare bits on the memory. (Where exactly? According to Corsair "the default message is stored in a microcontroller on the DIMM; user programmable messages are stored on the hard drive and loaded in Startup.") And from then on, that message will scroll across the display like your very own tiny Times Square Zipper...except it won't be giving you the latest news headlines and sports scores.

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