Monday, October 24, 2005

Hey Nikhil Welcome to blogging dude

As i mentioned in my previos post bout Nikhil Parva, the most gentleman in our group, hes started writing a blog after me pestering him all the more about it :p

A lill back ground bout him. He is the IT manager of a big time shipping company in India and it is really awsome to see him saving money for the company from all the corners.

You can read his blog here.

Below is an expert from his first post titled " Cost Centres and profit centres "

In any organization, the role of a department can either be divided into cost centre or profit centre. A cost centre is a department that adds to the cost of the company. A profit centre is a centre that creates profit for the company.The aim of both the departments is to add something to the bottomline. The profit centre achieves this by generating profits for the company. The cost department tries to reduce costs which effects the bottomline indirectly( A penny saved is a penny earned).

You can read more on his post here and to all the girls who wanna read on nikhil hes already steady with a girl ( wont give out the name ;) )

To end the post on a serious note ..... Nikhil's come up with a wonderful Idea of free s/w consultancy which either of us might elaborate in our next post.

Till then take care and be laaazy.

Nitin :)


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