Tuesday, November 09, 2004

[OT] Microsoft pays $ 536 million to Novell

Wow this is interesting. In an out of court settlement Redmond based software gaint Microsoft paid Utah based Linux giant Novell USD 536 million to fend off the anti trust case filed by Novell related to Novell's NetWare operating system.

Microsoft has been paying big bucks to companies in out of court settlements to shun away those big business tricks they do to kill other competing products.

According to a Novell press release, today's settlement is "related to Novell's NetWare operating system". It's actually around a specific product, NDS for Windows NT, which Novell introduced several years ago, and which Microsoft effectively killed. NDS for NT was a gateway that allowed users to keep password and user management on their existing Novell servers. When Microsoft introduced cryptographic signing of key system DLLs in Windows 2000, which it says it did for security reasons, it was no longer possible for Novell to maintain the product.

You can read more on it at http://www.theregister.co.uk


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