Sunday, December 05, 2004

Spam Sites Crippled by Lycos Screensaver DDoS

Just posting an update on the Lycos Screen Saver Make Love not Spam but a lill late , it seemed to taken down a few websites and the website was blocked by some backbone carriers as reported by Netcraft.

Just to update you that lycos has stopped the downloads as it came under servere criticism from various partners and security agencies.

Just posting a extract from the netcraft news website.

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched by users of Lycos
screensaver has succeeded in crippling several spammer sites, but some of the
targeted sites remain available.
While Internet users debate the ethics of
the initiative, Lycos Europe is denying
that the MakeLoveNotSpam site was hacked and
last night. An intrusion by hackers would be a serious concern for
an operation that controls an army of computers with DDoS capabilities. The site
has been unreachable today, which could be related to traffic
from Slashdot
rather than a counterattack.
Lycos Europe is offering a
"screensaver that spams the spammers," using idle computer time to attack sites
that have been blacklisted for abusive spamming practices. Monitoring of three
of the targets housed on Chinese servers shows that two of the sites, and, have been knocked offline by the attack.
A third target,, has remained largely available, with
intermittent outages.

You can get the graphs for the reponse rate of the websites at Netcraft here



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