Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Coming Very Soon Internet Explorer 7.0

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced the release of IE 7 (Beta) by Summer. It will be secure and less succeptible to Spywares is what the Big Software giant says.

Whatever but i guess it will be worth a shot.

Here is an extract from the story on yahoo! news which can be accessed via here

Version 7.0 of IE will work on systems running Windows XP (news - web sites) Service Pack 2, and will be specifically designed to leverage the many security features already found in SP2. Gates said that there are now more than 170 million copies of Windows XP SP2 distributed globally. He added that Microsoft will continue to offer its Windows AntiSpyware software for free (a beta version is available at—featured on the home page), after many observers had speculated that Microsoft would charge for it.

What do you say would you sway back to IE from firefox.Keep the mails and comments coming in :)



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