Monday, December 06, 2004

Microsoft Windows Update Services Public Beta Available now

Hi All,
The long awaited Microsoft patch management replacement for SUS is finally in public Beta and provides some much required features.

Patch management is one of the hottest topics today.Microsoft provided SUS v.1 which was a sort of corporate Windows Update, configurable using Group Policy or the registry. The first release was a bit buggy and was soon updated. However the tool is still a bit limited, not updating Microsoft applications nor providing any means to actually track whether computers are actually being updated.

Microsoft also provides a SMS 2003 tool that can update Office applications and has reporting features but is difficult to configure and requires a lot of attention.

Microsoft now is on its way to releasing Windows Updates Services (WUS), the successor to SUS, providing the much needed reporting features and able to update Office XP, 2003, Exchange 2003 and SQL (and MSDE) 2000. Other applications will probably be added over time.

However, you can get the beta public beta
edition here:

It also gives one overview document which you can download at



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