Saturday, December 11, 2004

Employer Says No To Blogging - Blogger Quits Job

As put on

Here in Sweden there's a lot of discussion today about Johnny Munkhammars blog (most links in this post in Swedish).
It's a personal blog, but his employer The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise thinks it's a bad idea anyway. They believe his personal views could be mistaken for the organization's.

You can read the compolete post here.

Hope my employer does not mind it and i am not sure what would i do if put in his shoes. I hope i do not land in this situation.
BTW till i do not disclose the company name and any of the stuff which is properitory it should not be a issue.

What say friends your comments are most welcome.

BTW my nessus security scanner setup is complete and would be posting snips from the reports soon.

Nitin :D


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